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2010 reconciled injection and offtake volumes

Name Date modified File size
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201001_20100208_175023.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 13,846 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201002_20100305_071056.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 12,608 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201003_20100410_090243.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,091 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201004_20100507_113135.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 13,793 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201005_20100606_091748.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,263 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201006_20100708_125610.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,067 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201007_20100806_190056.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,702 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201008_20100907_170346.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,815 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201009_20101007_112739.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,366 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201010_20101106_172434.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,914 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201011_20120121_031057.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 14,426 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_201012_20110111_145115.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 15,035 KB
What are datasets?

Datasets are collections of files that often contain large volumes of data and are available for immediate download. Dataset users are typically analysts familiar with the electricity industry and have a need to obtain a large set of data or specific data on a regular basis.

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