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Wholesale datasets

Reconciled injections and offtake

Reconciled injections and offtake, or sales and purchase volumes respectively, are available in a compressed monthly file for every month since 1 January 2005.

These files represent the wholesale volumes prepared by the reconciliation manager and handed over to the clearing manager for the purpose of market settlement. The data is compiled according to report GR-010 as described in the reconciliation manager functional specification . Files are arranged in folders by year and are named ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_YYYYMM_YYYYMMDD_HHMMSS.csv.gz where:

  • YYYYMM denotes the month to which the data pertains,
  • YYYYMMDD denotes the date on which the file was prepared by the reconciliation manager, and
  • HHMMSS denotes the time at which the file was prepared by the reconciliation manager.

Users of this data should be aware that reconciliation data can be revised multiple times up to 14 months after the first version has been generated. The first version will appear by 1600 hours on the 7th business day of the month following the data month.

Name Date modified File size
13 Sep 2023
01 Sep 2023
03 Mar 2023
03 Mar 2022
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
22 Jun 2021
What are datasets?

Datasets are collections of files that often contain large volumes of data and are available for immediate download. Dataset users are typically analysts familiar with the electricity industry and have a need to obtain a large set of data or specific data on a regular basis.

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