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2005 reconciled injection and offtake volumes

Name Date modified File size
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200501_20050215_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 8,968 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200502_20050315_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 8,167 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200503_20050415_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,080 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200504_20050515_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 8,776 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200505_20050615_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,106 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200506_20050715_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 8,887 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200507_20050815_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,224 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200508_20050915_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,300 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200509_20051015_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 8,975 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200510_20051115_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,287 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200511_20051215_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,060 KB
ReconciledInjectionAndOfftake_200512_20060115_121212.csv.gz 22 Jun 2021 9,271 KB
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Datasets are collections of files that often contain large volumes of data and are available for immediate download. Dataset users are typically analysts familiar with the electricity industry and have a need to obtain a large set of data or specific data on a regular basis.

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