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Wholesale datasets

Long price-responsive schedule (PRSL)

The long price-responsive schedule is produced every two hours at about ten minutes past the hour. It extends for up to 72 trading periods into the future, beginning with the trading period indicated by the date and time in the name of the CSV file.

For a variety of reasons, there will be occasions when there are fewer than 12 PRSL CSV files per daily zip file. We will make no effort to track down any missing files or explain why they are missing.

Name Date modified File size
10 Aug 2022
31 Dec 2021
31 Dec 2020
31 Dec 2019
06 Dec 2019
What are datasets?

Datasets are collections of files that often contain large volumes of data and are available for immediate download. Dataset users are typically analysts familiar with the electricity industry and have a need to obtain a large set of data or specific data on a regular basis.

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Alternative access to datasets

Alternative methods are supported to connect to EMI datasets. These methods better facilitate downloading many files or automating regular downloads. See here for more information.