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Interim and final energy and reserve prices

This folder contains interim and final energy and reserve prices. All files published here are as named and created by the pricing manager, and received by the Authority; they have not been modified in any way.

A number of data files from the pricing process, including prices, can be found here. The price files archived herein are to satisfy those users interested in the price files structured and published by the pricing manager without any curation or augmentation.

Prior to real-time pricing taking effect on 1 November 2022, provisional energy and reserve prices were occasionally generated and published.

Name Date modified File size
08 Dec 2023
08 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023
14 Oct 2022
14 Oct 2022
What are datasets?

Datasets are collections of files that often contain large volumes of data and are available for immediate download. Dataset users are typically analysts familiar with the electricity industry and have a need to obtain a large set of data or specific data on a regular basis.

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