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This folder provides access to datasets that relate to the operation of the retail electricity market.


The wholesale folder provides access to a wide range of data relating to the operation of the wholesale electricity market. For example, final pricing raw case files, vSPD input GDX files, and CSV files containing final prices, half hourly metered data, bids and offers, and much more.

Ancillary services

This folder provides access to datasets that relate to the operation of markets for ancillary services. Electricity markets require ancillary services to ensure the quality and reliability of the electricity supply is maintained at acceptable levels. Offers to supply frequency keeping services are an example of the data available to be downloaded.

Forward markets

This folder provides access to information and datasets relating to forward markets. For example, the weekly report summarising activity on the ASX New Zealand electricity futures and options exchange and the New Zealand electricity hedge disclosure system. Forward markets can take many forms, and enable parties to manage price or location risks by trading contracts derived from the spot market for electricity.


Environmental factors such as weather can significantly influence outcomes in the electricity market. This folder provides access to environmental datasets. For example, lake levels and inflows into hydro storage reservoirs.

Supplementary information

This folder provides access to supplementary information that supports reports published elsewhere by the Electricity Authority. For example, the analysis undertaken to support a consultation project or an industry study.


vSPD is an independently audited, mathematical replica of the Scheduling, Pricing and Dispatch (SPD) market clearing engine used in the administration and operation of the New Zealand electricity market.


GEM, which stands for Generation Expansion Model, is a GAMS-based, long-term capacity expansion model of the New Zealand electricity sector.


Doasa is a version of the stochastic dual dynamic programming technique applied to the solution of hydro-thermal scheduling problems.


The Hydro Supply Security (HSS) test applies a deterministic methodology to calculate the risk of a storable hydro supply shortage by assuming that storable hydro is treated as the last resort supply of energy. The HSS test is encapsulated in a simplified version of the vSPD model.

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